Friday, January 16, 2009

New Bolt Browser for Blackberry blasts in

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I have had the privilege of trying out a new Java based browser on my Blackberry Storm.

Thanks to BlackBerry Cool blog, they were able to get some invites to the beta program of this new browser.

Bitstream is the company behind this new browser, and they have been a little bit taken aback by the popularity of their beta program.

As reported in Blackberry Cool:

To get your copy of the BOLT beta, you must head on over to their download page and use the following referral code: ‘berrycool’. Do this even if you had already sent a request previously.Bitstream has now automated the request process, meaning you should get an email with the download link much quicker now.

So far I find it somewhat awkward on my Storm, although the built in RSS Reader is REALLY Cool. I will be trying it out shortly on my wife’s Pearl.

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