Saturday, January 17, 2009

Moving to Ubernote – Google Notebook replacement

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Its a sad day when my friend Google Notepad gets kicked to the curb, like some unwanted china at a garage sale.

My wife and I have used GN daily, copying notes, getting our thoughts together, and clipping web pages that we’d like to share with each other or look at again in the future, but with some relevant context to remind us why we were there.

We loved the Addin for Firefox, and is the #1 thing I miss having primarily moved to Chrome.

Google wants you to move to Docs.  They just don’t work for me. I loved OneNote when I used a tablet.  I just like Notes.  I had never looked anywhere else because I loved the simplicity and the fact it was integrated with the same gmail account I use for everything else.

However, all is not lost as ubernote has come to the rescue with a Google Notebook Import Tool. that will allow all your GN notes to be migrated.

I am in the midst of doing this, and will post an update when I am complete.

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