Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally got my hands on a SocialScope Beta invite

Twit This!

After trying now for a week, I finally snagged an invite to the new Blackberry uberTweet tool – SocialScope - thanks to Blackberry Cool’s efforts, and being in front of my RSS Reader at the right time.

So yet another tech toy, er, productivity suite for me to test out on my Blackberry Storm..

Stay tuned.

SocialScope Hands-on Impressions
    – I wouldn’t download SocialScope yet if you’re a BlackBerry Storm user, as support isn’t really built in for it yet. If you must, then make sure to turn off Compatibility Mode.
    – The amount of things I can do with my Twitter account via SocialScope is great - retweet, favorite, it’s all there. Facebook is a little more limited (I have to log in to Facebook to look at photos?), but I believe that is a testament to how much more open the Twitter API is. That being said, I love that you can add Facebook friends directly to your BlackBerry Address Book.
    – Being able to ‘Tab out’ your favorite friends or followers is an incredible feature, and makes sure you don’t miss the important stuff.
    – SocialScope users now have the ability to set their refresh rate. I don’t know what the ‘auto’ setting is, but the lowest is 5 minutes, which doesn’t seem low enough to me.
    – Being able to customize what you receive notifications for is great. You can choose between Twitter replies, DM’s, or all messages (good luck!).
    – Adding photos or links, even while not in SocialScope, is bonus. Great, great feature.
SocialScope Feature List
    - SocialScope integrates your Twitter feed and Facebook updates into one application.
    - A tabbed Interface so you never miss replies, direct messages or updates from specific contacts
    - View all your social network status updates and picture updates in one place
    - Address Book Integration allows you to save your contacts’ social network information and see there updates from the address book
    - Support for standard BlackBerry shortcuts, r – reply, d – direct message, c – compose update, b – bottom, t – top, f – favorite
    - Post updates directly from your Inbox
    - Twitter search support with #topics highlighting throughout BlackBerry
    - @username highlighting
    - One click access to the “in reply to” messages
    - BlackBerry spell checker support
    - Tabbed Interface so you never miss replies, direct messages or updates from specific contacts
    - A direct message interface that makes it easier to see conversations
    - Post pictures via TwitPic from the camera or BlackBerry Media app
    - URL Shrinking with with the BlackBerry Browser integration
    - NEW! Profile Notifications (Experimental) for each message type
    - NEW! Refresh Rate Control (Experimental)
    - NEW! ReTweet capability
    - NEW! Added Follow/UnFollow
    - NEW! Remembers posting preference


Patrick said...

Sounds like a very cool app. If you have any spare invites...that is if they give those out...I am up for one if you can spare it.

Leffie said...

If you have invites, I too would appreciate one. Thanks.

Alex said...

By any chance, can you send me an invite to socialscope? I would really love to test it out.